Wilderness First Response Exercise

First Aid Drill

Scouts of Troop 353 and visiting webelos from Pack 353 recently got a full scale appreciation of real life potential accidents that call for basic first aid skills. All scouts were split into 5 patrols and each patrol sent one of its members to one of five different mini-classes (splints, burns & hypothermia, snake/insect bites & scratches, ankle/arm / head wraps & CPR). As the boys were brought together, each patrol was assigned to go find a “missing” scout and administer first aid. The mini-class instructors observed the scouts administering first aid to the “injured scout campers.”

For example, one scenario outlined how a scout started running toward his tent from the campfire area, tripped on a rock, hit his head on another rock and endured a 2nd degree burn when his hand theoretically went into the fire. Yet another scenario highlighted a scout theoretically slipping on a rock in a nearly dried up creek bed while backpacking, twisting his ankle and cutting his hand on the fall. A combination of camping gear props, theatrical makeup and a very realistic scenario behind each “injured scout camper” created a lasting impression for the scouts that should reinforce the importance of administering first aid with a “cool head” for a variety of common injuries.

Of course, the boys also found time to play one of their favorite team games, “steal the bacon.”

Many more pictures from that troop meeting can be found here.


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