Fun Bonfire Event Draws Crowd!


If there is on thing that boys of all ages love, it is a bonfire! Recently, Troop 353 Eastchester in conjunction with Cub Scout Pack 7 in Tuckahoe, sponsored their first ever recruitment bonfire on a brisk Friday night in late April. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts alike performed several funny skits. Our SPL and ASPL, Daniel A. and Connor M., led the crowd in singing a few songs, as did Troop 353 committee member Mike W. Pack 7 Cubmaster Michael P. and Troop 353 Scoutmaster Tom M. gave overviews of Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting to eager parents and interested youngsters.

The best part however, was the scouting presentation by two of Westchester Putnam Council’s premier Indian Lore experts, John G. and Denise G., aka Lady Hawk. Their full native American costumes were fabulous and their message to the children highly effective! Even our district executive for the Four Rivers district, Carlos R. paid a visit and gave parents a brief synapsis of the fun scouting activities often pursued.

Even the older scouts from Troop 353’s venture crew assisted in the evening’s festivities. These experienced scouts showed the younger scouts how to build a fire in a “Leave No Trace” manner. Six inches of top soil was put on top of a tarp and the bonfire was built atop the dirt-covered tarp. Cleanup was easy, though the ground was still damp the next morning from extinguishing the fire.

A special thanks to the Village of Tuckahoe for delivering considerable free firewood to this event. Additionally, John D. of Pack 7 led a considerable parental effort to provide substantial food and treats for everyone to enjoy! All in all, it was a wonderful and fun event that should help boost Cub Scout recruitment efforts considerably this September. For more fun photos of the event, including many happy children, click here!


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