Community Service: Scouts Perform ‘Good Turn’ Service Project at Graymoor Monastery

Brother Ted Shares 9-11 Memorial History

Recently nearly 20 scouts and parents from Troop 353 volunteered their time to help beautify the grounds of the Graymoor Monastery. After spending the day clearing weeds, brush and undergrowth, there was time (and energy!) for a variety of fun sporting activities. As well, the older scouts were able to give a successful demonstration on how to prepare a dutch oven treat! (Note from the Webmaster: it was truly delicious!) The camp site on the Graymoor Monastery grounds was fantastic, where also the Applachian Trail cuts through the property nearby.

The scouts worked very hard during a beautiful weekend to clear a substantial amount of weeds, brush and small trees and their roots on a steep slope near the main entrance. The ultimate goal of planting hundreds of wild flowers on a cleared-out slope was achieved through substantial physical labor. (Note from Webmaster: we were beat, especially the “old goats patrol.”) Brother Ted, our liason with the Monastery, was surprised (and quite pleased!) at how much work was accomplished that Saturday. Despite the strenuous work, our scouts remained “cheerful” and appeared quite gratified in their accomplishments!

Brother Ted also gave us a very personal tour of his 9-11 Memorial Garden, which was constructed after the tragic WTC disaster. Materials found from the WTC site were used to construct a large Cross. Needless to say, many people from all faiths from all over the world frequent this holy garden for quiet moments of prayer and reflection. Troop 353 is proud to have helped beautify the area nearby. A scout is helpful & reverent! For more photos of the weekend at Graymoor Monastery, click here.


One thought on “Community Service: Scouts Perform ‘Good Turn’ Service Project at Graymoor Monastery

  1. i am trying to find the home page for the graymoor monastery for a friend. do you no it? if so can u forward it to the aabove email address.

    thank you

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