Summer Fun Activities!


This past year our troop’s committee decided to try something new. The committee decided to implement a new point system for the scouts and registered leaders. Some troops have similar systems, but create competition among the troop patrols. Troop 353’s adult leadership felt that the system should be created where the whole troop should be rewarded if the goal was attained. Points were awarded for all meeting attendance (including PLCs) & participation in all activities, advancement, training, parental involvement, uniform inspection, recruitment & special awards. If the troop, in aggregate, was able to reach its total point target of 75,000 points by the end of June, then the committee agreed to reward the boys with a fun activity of their choosing (and within financial reason!).

Fortunately, our scouts were both fairly dilligent in moving ahead systematically to attain the coveted minimum 75,000 point total and pragmatic in their choices of a fun event. On a hot Sunday afternoon, the Scouts chose a couple of sessions of laser tag & bowling, along with lunch, at a local shopping mall as a way to reward themselves for all their hard work of the previous 9 months. While photos of the laser tag were somewhat impractical, it was clearly an activity that the scouts enjoyed thoroughly! Afterwards, the group moved to the new bowling alley and enjoyed a competitive match along with a delicious lunch. For more fun photos, click here!


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