Here by the Sea and Sand: Scouts Visit Montauk


In one the most memorable camping outings in memory, Troop 353 visited Hither Hills State Park at Montauk in mid-October for an overnight just over the dune from the crashing Atlantic Ocean. The trip was delayed by 12 hours by violent and wet weather on the East End, but the troop arrived in Montauk in good order early on Saturday after a quick drive. After check-in, the boys and adult leaders – more than 25 of us altogether – headed over to Deep Hollow Ranch for a 90-minute ride on horseback through the fields and scrub pine until about half-way through, the trail opened on a high bluff overlooking the bay and the lighthouse beyond. The horses walked along the beach, and the riders enjoyed the scenery. After the ride (and once some feeling returned to the dads’ lower extremities) it was back to the campsite, where the troop pitched tents and began the first of three meals that they were to cook. Some scouts went for a dip along the ocean’s edge (it was rough), threw the football around, played tetherball, or took a hike. Orienteering and food prep were a couple of the advancement activities on the schedule. As the sun dipped beyond the dunes, dinner was prepared and the troop settled in around the campfire before doing some star-gazing on the beach, and then turning in – sleeping to the sounds of the surf. The next morning, after a beautiful and quiet night (massive wind gusts, aside), we cooked breakfast and broke camp for the ride home – everyone in agreement that Hither Hills should rate a return trip from Troop 353. For more great pictures, click here.


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