American Red Cross – Always Ripe for an Eagle Project!

 Eagle Project Cleanup Crew at American Red Cross

If there is one institution in most communities that could benefit from a Scout’s senior leadership service project ambitions, it is the American Red Cross (ARC)!  Our former SPL, and one of current Troop Guides, Daniel A., decided last fall to approach the local ARC to discuss some potential Eagle Project ideas previously vetted by the troop’s Committee Chair, Richard S.  Daniel decided that the most interesting idea wouldbe to build a system to organize & store the massive inventory of Disaster Relief Supplies, which was in considerable disarray in a few different locations at the ARC site.  The first weekend of work occured just prior to the yearend holidays.  Due to considerable bad weather & the need for ARC workers to utilize the Disaster Relief Supplies (DRS), the following weekend, targeted for Daniel’s leadership project completion, was postponed until the first weekend in January.  Still, Daniel made considerable progress building shelves, and reorganizing the storage of the DRS.

This postponement turned out to be quite fortuitous, as a few of the troop’s former Eagle Scouts were home from college for the holidays.  Consequently, the troop created an Senior Scout Weekend to include a few scouting opportunities with several former Eagle and Life Scouts by the current crop of younger scouts.  During the second work weekend in early January, Daniel A. had the benefit of at least 2 former Eagle Scouts assisting in project leadership guidance and over a dozen youth helpers.  Logistically, excess DRS needed to be moved out a storage trailor and an ARC mobile unit needed to be retrofitted with appropriate DRS.  That Sunday, the ARC site was so busy that it looked like a human ant bed!  All in all, Daniel easily logged well over 200 manhours completing his senior leadership project and better equipped the ARC to respond to emergencies.  At an upcoming monthly board meeting, Daniel will give a formal project overview, from concept to completion.  In addition, Danny’s Eagle Project strengthened the relationship between ARC and our troop, paving the way for future service projects.  Most importantly, the project clearly benefitted the community on a lasting basis and profiled Daniel’s well-honed leadership skills.  In the minds of many observers, this was win-win for everyone involved!  Congratulations on a job well-done Daniel!  For more photos of the ARC cleanup & DRS reorganization efforts, click here ==> ARC Cleanup!