Siege Machines Theme for Klondike Derby

 Kondike Derby Race - Running out of Energy?

The Klondike Derby always proves to be a fun event and this year was no different!  In fact, this is an extremely popular Winter Scouting event across much of the nation’s northernmost Councils.  Compared to 2007, the 2008 Algonquin District Klondike Derby was a much-scaled down event, but still included 8 great stations that both challenged boys’ scouting skills and reinforced teamwork.  Of course, there was the Klondike Derby race itself—the highlight event at the end of the day.  And in that venue, Troop 353 clearly crushed the competition, aided by the fact that our Klondike sled had wheels attached! 

The 8 well-thought out stations, included Snowblind, Silent Signaling, Fishing for Snappers, Log Sawing, Log-pull, Balance Beam, Ice Rescue and the Siege Machine Catapult station (also know as trebuchet, mangonel or couillards)–all were designed with scouting skills and fun in mind.  This year, with Siege Machines as the theme, scouts were encouraged to add a catapult-type device to their Klondike Sled to hurl an object (tennis ball) through the air, scores were given for both accuracy and distance.  Thanks to a last minute major modification to our catapult, courtesy of ingenious ASM Mike D., this was another event in which Troop 353 excelled.  Overall, Troop 353 had two patrol entries and came away with  2nd and 3rd place!  With the 2008 Klondike Derby event being local, several dads braved the cold elements for the day and gave considerable moral support–some even manned a few of the skills stations.  Lot of great photos can be seen here!