Slushy Weekend Can’t Stop Scout Spirit

Here’s the short story: one cabin, two turkeys, four hours without power, five inches of slushy rain and melting ice, and 30-odd Scouts and adult leaders huddled inside against the torrential Catskill weather. But those numbers don’t tell the whole story of the wash-out that couldn’t stop Troop 353. Sure, the weather report was somewhere between “horrible” and “catastrophic,” and the rain made the lake at Ten Mile River too treacherous for ice-fishing. Yet, the Scouts worked on advancement activities and still managed a (very wet and cold) slushball battle and some icy sledding. Then there was the birthday cake, the hot and delicious turkey dinner, the endless card games, a truly epic game of Risk (above), and the ghost stories around the fire. Oh, and the black-out – dark, cold and firewood dwindling, the troop crept into its sleeping bags in full clothing to ride out the storm. Then the power came back, the morning came, the bacon fried up well, and a wet cabin weekend became yet another great memory of Scouting. For some great pictures, click here.


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