Green Bar Copes with COPE Course!

Several senior members of the troop’s Green Bar Patrol had an exhilirating day when they recently visited Camp Mattatuck’s Project COPE course in Plymouth, CT. The purpose of the trip was to give the youth leaders of the troop a chance to do something more suitable to older boys and as a reward for their extra hard work at running the troop all year long. The day’s fun events turned out to be a terrific exercise in building teamwork and camaraderie.

Though most folks have not heard about Camp Mattatuck, it is an easy 90 minute drive from our locale. The Project Cope course is run by Connecticut River Council’s Chris Moon. Chris is an outstanding scouter and is well-known nationally, as he teaches climbing instruction at Philmont Scout Ranch every year. In fact, the cover of the Climbing Merit Badge pamphlet shows the picture of Camp Mattatuck’s unique outdoor climbing wall. Chris’s staff is well-trained and were terrific guides & coaches throughout the day.

The chilly Mid-March morning was comprised of several “low initiative” challenges–in each setting the boys had to work as a team to solve the challenge. During the afternoon, the scouts and the scoutmaster, tackled the easiest of the three High Ropes courses. The High Ropes challenge was even more pronounced given the near-gale force crosswinds. The last station was an unbelievable +600 foot long zip line that started from a small platform about 50 feet up in the air. Needless to say, everyone had a truly great & fun day and it was decided that the upcoming group of Green Bar leaders would revisit Camp Mattatuck during the summer as a way to build stronger teamwork relationships earlier during their tenure in the troop’s leadership positions. Take a close look at the many fabulous photos of the scouts during the various challenges presented throughout the day by clicking this link.


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