Scouts Learn about Leadership at Troop Led Training Weekend

It goes without saying in Scouting that the more BSA-trained a troop is, the better its program. With that thought in mind, the senior members of the Green Bar, along with terrific planning insights from one of Westchester Putnam Council’s ace training gurus Donna Ragusa, worked extensively for 2 months to plan an expanded Troop Led Training (TLT) module. The Green Bar leaders, led by SPL Conor M., decided that the whole troop should participate, so that there could be a better appreciation of what is involved with youth leadership positions.

The format was a cabin campout at Camp Durland in mid-February and attendance was mandatory. The Green Bar leaders mixed discussions about youth leadership roles and responsibilities with a series of fun team-building activities. Beginning with a short discussion on Friday night, the troop had completed all 3 traditional sections of the TLT (along with a brief discussion of leadership from the NYLT training module led by the Scoutmaster) by lunch time on Saturday. The afternoon was reserved for a lengthy specialized, game of capture the flag, which reinforced some of the team building principles of the TLT module. In addition, Webelos from Pack 353 & 7 visited us for the afternoon game and stayed for an early dinner, prepared by the troop’s adult patrol of “Old Goats”. All in all, the Green Bar patrol did an outstanding job of running their first TLT module & probably the first one ever for the whole troop! Some great pictures can be found by clicking through this link.


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