In Memoriam

Troop 353 extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Frank McCluskey, our dear friend and Assistant Scoutmaster, who died suddenly on April 15 at the age of 49. Frank was an active and much-admired parent leader who enjoyed the camaraderie of Scout overnights – we particularly recall his enjoyment of our trips to Montauk and Clear Lake. He was always one of the first to ask others, “what do you need me to do?” Over the past year, we came to know Frank as a wonderful father, a committed supporter of scouting, and a great guy to have around the campfire. If there ever was a role model in servant leadership, it was Frank. We will miss his sense of humor and friendly voice.

Frank’s obituary appears in the Journal News here. Contributions are suggested to: The American Cancer Society, 2 Lyon Place, White Plains, NY 10601. We’d request that parents and friends use the comments section of this post to remember one of our own who left us too early.


23 thoughts on “In Memoriam”

  1. We are blessed with many interested parents, but few are as enthusiastic and eager to help as Frank. He was always adamant about helping out in any way possible. What a wonderful role model for all the scouts and scouter parents! Frank, I only knew you a short time, but I became a big fan in a very short period of time and will always cherish our fellowship together. May God bless the McCluskey family through these difficult times.

  2. I particularly remember his fantastic enthusiasm on the Montauk trip last fall, as the dads stayed up late “shooting the breeze” about sports, the boys, the weather and a million other topics. He really enjoyed the setting that weekend by the ocean. As Tom notes, he was always a willing guy. We’ll all miss him.

  3. Frank was a great guy that truly enjoyed being at the outings. I remember him at site 40 in his coveralls chopping wood, and then we sat by the fire drinking coffee. I know that he wanted to pass on his love for the outdoor to his son, and that scouting was the way that he could be there, but let the boys be “independent” at the same time. He will be truly missed and fondly remembered whenever the troop is at an outing.

  4. I too remember that campfire in Montauk, when the Dads talked, told jokes and listened to the sound of the ocean. Frank had a great time on that trip – we all did. Although one of the newer Dads, Frank seemed like he had been with the troop forever. He will be sorely missed. Our prayers are with his family.

  5. I am greatly saddened by Frank’s passing. I only recently met Frank when my son and I joined the Troop. He was a great guy and really made me feel welcome. His fondness for the kids was obvious. My family extends their condolences to Kevin and the entire McKluskey family.

  6. and until we meet again,
    may god hold you in the palm of his hand

    frank was a real gentleman – so rightly proud of his Irish heritage

    i remember him as always the first one up to get the coffee started when we camped out

    always there to help with his great carpentry skills – putting together the cubmobile for the big race

    always watched out for the other boys

    i will miss him greatly

  7. Frank McCluskey I do not know how to eloequently convey to all how wonderful a human being our Buddie Frank was. The comments above from individuals who knew Frank for only a short time are testiment itself as to what kind of a Person Frankie was. I am in tears as I write this. The Scouts The Carpenters union & Eastchester Irish How much we will miss his humor his presence & his undeniable absolute love for his family friends & The Mets.

    Frank we miss you Jeeez Life will never be the same.

    We will wear some of the many hats That Frank wore & make sure that his beautiful children & Jean will continue to experinece the wonderful life they experienced with our BUD Frank.

    We will make sure that Franks love of the Scouts continues despite his departure into a better life.

  8. I met Frank through Cub Scouts where our sons spent 4 years together. Frank was always willing to lend a hand on the camping trips or wherever he was needed. He was always up at the crack of dawn to get the coffee started. Frank, like I did also enjoyed the camraderie among the dads. Kevin and my son Christopher were also on the same soocer team. I used to enjoy the early Saturday morning practices, when sometimes Frank and I were the only fathers there. We each had our large cup of coffee discussing everything from where to go for the best steak, who had the best local pizza or the beloved New York Mets. Frank, You will not only be missed by the Scouting fraternity, but anybody whose life you touched.

  9. We met Frank at our Wintoree, where Troop 353 joined us. Frank spoke fondly about both of our Troops. He even mentioned considering getting trained and taking Wood Badge. He admired how we ran the Wintoree, and had great hopes for the future of Troop 353. I hope his family can find solice in knowing that he was a man of honor and dedication, who wanted the best for his family, and had the foresight to insure his son would have the experience of Scouting. May he rest in peace.

  10. From the moment I met Frank at one of the many Scouting events that he participated in I recognized him as the epitome of the “Stand Up Guy”.

    From the brief time that we shared during the 353 campouts, Frank was immediately recognized by me as a man of compassion dedication and warmth.

    Very evident was the love he had for his family and especially his son, he delighted in the activities that they shared and always looked forward to the next.
    Far too often we wish for more men like Frank in our own lives. We seek figures that possess the qualities that Frank had, and the silent pride and strength that these rare fellows carry, these traits bring a sense of order and meaning to every day tasks. Good guys give us grounding as too what is really important and what choices we should make.

    Frank we will miss you

  11. I’ve known Frank since our boys joined Cub Scouts. He was a good friend, a great father and an honest man. Frank will be remembered as a man with a golden heart who never refused anybody in need. He will be missed around the campfire and around the neighborhood.

  12. Although I only knew Frank for a short time, I feel very fortunate that we had an opportunity to become friendly. I fondly remember the chats he and I use to have on Scout outings. He was genuinely a great person. We will miss him deeply. Our prayers and condolences to his family during this difficult time.

  13. Mr. McClusky was a great man who we got to know for only a short time. We are very sad that he passed away. We hope that Kevin and his family will make a quick recovery and will come back to the troop shortly. I went to his wake yesterday and prayed that he would come back to life. But Saint Anthony did not grant my wish. Once again, I am very sorry that Mr. McClusky passed away and will hope Kevin comes back to the troop shortly.

    – Carmine Palumbo

  14. Frank was a great guy! The past 5 years I knew him he was such a helpful guy and I wish he was still here! He cared about my family alot too. I hope & pray that Kevin recovers soon.

  15. Mr. McCluskey was a great man. He was always in our den meetings and cub scout outings and helping us put together our cub mobile. I used to see him and his family at Lake Isle and he would make us laugh. I went to his wake and he looked like he was just sleeping peacefully. He had many friends and family and we all miss him deeply.

  16. To everybody who has posted comments here, a sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Catherine & I were unable to travel from Ireland to the funeral and say our final goodbye to our amazing big brother who we are so proud of. It is very heartening to read your comments & to know that he touched the hearts of so many.

  17. Frank was a realy good friend to my family and especially to my dad. I will miss his jokes and his company . I have deep sympathy for all that knew him. And everyone that knew him cried. If you sat down and talked with Mr. McCluskey for 5 minutes you would be his friend. I hope Kevin,Sarah and Jean will recover soon.
    My deepest sympathy,
    Jack Flannery

  18. Mr. McCluskey was a great man. I did not know him very well, but the first time I saw him at Montauk, I thought to myself “This is a man who will always be a friend”. He came to every scouting event he could and was always there for help when a scout needed it. He definitely went above and beyond the Scout Law and was an all around nice guy. I will remember Mr. McCluskey not as a man, not as a scoutmaster, but as a friend. I wish everyone in the McCluskey household a speedy recovery.

  19. We’ve lost a friend, and a great believer in the Scouting Program. I was very touched by his positive comments after attending the Woodbadge Beading Ceremony at Camp Durland. We had often spoke about a future roll for him in the Troop. He will be missed.

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