White Water Rafting!


Rapid-Ready River Rats!
Rapid-Ready River Rats!

With scouts of troop 353 needing to earn at least 3 hours of service in order to attend the popular white water rafting trip down the Lehigh River Gorge, there was a tremendous turnout of eager rapid-ready river rats!  Within the Lehigh Gorge State Park, where the rafters started their 6-hour journey, the rhododendron were as dense as a rain forest and days away from blooming.  This popular destination attracts scouts and other youth groups from all over the the mid-Atlantic region, particularly when the weekend is designated as a “dam release’  one which creates Class I, II & III rapids!  Perhaps the biggest challenge for most boys was finding a wetsuit that fit properly.  Once on the river though, the wetsuits proved invaluable due to the numerous water fights.  This was particularly true for one mom that bravely ventured down the river, as she appeared to have been stuck in the raft with scouts most likely to be targeted for water wars.  Perhaps one of the more memorable moments of the day was at the beginning of the river journey when a raft broad-sided a rock and promptly deposited scout Brad M. onto its small warm surface, and quickly left him temporarily stranded until another group of novice rafters haphazardly wondered by to rescue him!  As you can see in the accompanying pictures, smiles were plenty that day! Banzai!


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