National Scouting Museum – A National Treasure

BSA National Museum in Irving, TX
BSA National Museum in Irving, TX

On a recent visit to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to visit family and friends, our family had the opportunity to visit the National Scouting Museum in Irving, TX.  We did not really know what to expect, but afterwards everyone acknowledged that they were pleasantly surprised at the massive facility.  In addition to a comprehensive history of Boy Scouting in this country, the museum was full of terrific hands-on, interactive displays.  Life size replicas of a typical scout campsite from 1910, 1950s and today are shown.  (Interestingly, in one of the display cases there are several scouting gear items that are exactly like the ones I had as a boy in the 1960s–see the photo link below.)  There are over 60 original Norman Rockwell pieces of artwork–the largest single collection in the county.  Brad was able to complete successfully an extensive 10-question history trivia question and resulted in our troop being awarded a special yellow & gold ribbon, which is now attached to our troop flag and which it is doubtful that any other troop in Westchester County has attained.   For more info on the museum, go to  For a look at some of our pictures, click here.


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