Bronx River Parkway Provides ‘Rather’ Good Service Opportunity

In our community, the Bronx River Parkway (BRP) is a central north-south traffic artery that also enjoys a nearby paved bike path. The bike path runs parallel to the Bronx River, which is an a unique eco-system teaming with life. Unfortunately, given the population density of our area, the bike path also tends to take on the characteristics of a garbarge dump over time. Enter the Boy Scouts. There is a section of the BRP that four local Boy Scout troops have taken on the responsibility for keeping the area relatively litter-free. The designated clean-up day this year turned out to be a wet one, but that did not slow down the natural curiousity of a few dedicated scouts. Plenty of trash was gathered in bags provided by Bob Del Torto of Westchester County Parks.

A few months later, Mr. Del Torto reached out again for volunteers of a special cause: to erect over 25 informational signs about the surrounding environment along the bike path. This day long work project, in conjunction with other Westchester County Park volunteers, was officially recognized a month later in a special ribbon cutting ceremony at the Kensico Dam with several dignitaries in attendance, including well-known news anchor, Dan Rather — the voice used in the audio tour that coincides with the newly erected informational signs along the nature path. For volunteers of Troop 353, it was a special day! Great pics can be found here.


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