West Point Orienteering Outing


This year the troop participated in the annual Orienteering Skills workshop for Boy Scouts sponsored by the Cadets at West Point’s Camp Buckner. Orienteering is one of those fundamental skills that Scouts must learn but never get enough practice to be as proficient as one would like. This special weekend proved to be enormously popular with the scouts as they progressed through a very well-organized program. It was interesting to observe how well each of the teams mastered both the material and the orienteering course itself. In some instances, it was just the pure joy of running through the woods and discovering used ammo casings and abandoned camoflouge makeup that really resonated with the boys. Mother Nature through an additional challenge twist into the weekend’s activities with very high winds that followed a few days of rain leading up to the event. Although some of the tents were destroyed Friday night, the troop decided to treat everyone to a nice dinner at a local restaurant on Saturday night! Many thanks to ASM Mike I. for leading this event and giving our troop the opportunity to experience West Point through his military connections! More great pics here.


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