Trap Shooting at Blue Mountain


In addition to building fires, one of the favorite activities of young boys in Scouting is shooting guns!  The past few years, the troop has scheduled a rifle shoot in December as a day event, but the Scouts wanted to change the time of the year as their trigger fingers became frozen from +5 hours of shooting.  So, this year we scheduled the event for May–sometimes a difficult month to plan events due to holidays, first communions & confirmation classes.  As well, the shooting program this year was altered to teach the boys how to shoot traps with shotguns.  As often as youth today spend time on war-related video games, it is interesting to note how the boys found it so difficult to shoot skeet!  Moreover, a 12-gauge shotgun has a bit more “kick” than a .22-caliber rifle.  Rest assured, the scouts were under the very close & intense scrutiny of Mr. Jim Burhart of the NRA and there was no tolerance for lax following of all safety practices.  Among the scouts, Patrol Leader Simon R. had the most success knocking down skeets, as he has had some previous exposure to shotgun shooting.  A special bonus allowed the boys some time to practice target shooting after lunch with .22-caliber rifles, allowing some to complete their “partial” in rifle shooting merit badge.  All in all, the event was enormously popular and the scouts agreed that gun shooting in May was more fun than in December! More great pics here.