Community Service – Green Day 2009

With the growing sensitivity to preserving our environment, the town of Eastchester embarked on an ambitious day-long exhibition highlighting conservation and environmentally-friendly practices in our community.  Not surprisingly, both girl and boy scout troops were invited to set up display booths highlighting conservation-minded projects.  The timing dovetailed perfectly with Life Scout David Q’s recently completed Eagle Leadership Project.  David led the troop, as part of a much larger effort orchestrated by the Tuckahoe Village, in a cutting-edge project to measure the tree canopy of the Village of Tuckahoe. Training our scouts on how to document the health and size of the trees owned by the Village was the primary focus of David’s project.  The tree canopy project itself has proven to have clear economic benefits that have been well-documented in other like studies in California and in the far East.  As well, ASM & Eagle Scout Thomas McNamara helped lead the Pledge of Allegiance in the opening flag ceremony that morning.  Troop 353 scouts, adequately trained by David Q., fielded many visitors throughout the day inquiring about the nature of the unique tree canopy project.  Next year, it is the great hope of the 4 Rivers District Boy Scout Executives, that additional local Boy Scout troops will “be prepared” to participate in this significant community event! More great pics here.


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