A Memorable Experience in Harriman St Park

Although only a few scouts participated in our annual backpacking event in nearby Harriman State Park in early June, those that did had the memory of a lifetime.  The weather was nearly ideal and not nearly has hot & humid as the year before.  Our mini-trek’s lunch-time destination was Lemon Squeezer, where cool moist breezes characterize a labyrinth of rock formations.  This area within Harriman St. Park is a natural magnet for adventurous hikers and backpackers alike.  Our particularly curious scouts discovered a hidden entrance to a small cave and sought refuge in the coolness of the rock’s natural formation.  Reluctant to leave this near-oasis, our group loaded up and headed out for our evening destination.  Former Scoutmaster Don Wauchope led our hearty group to the targeted campsite with great purpose.  Though our group began to get stretched out along the trail, the long hike up the mountain was soon forgotten upon arrival to a truly magnificent campsite nestled on a high ridge with an incredibly panoramic view of the river below.  A dual-fireplaced lean-to also served as a major lookout tower.  A rock cliff gave rise to climbing opportunities, that ASM Mike Dobbins soon discovered was best conquered with adequate safety precautions.  Fortunately, a long-rope prevented him from sleeping on the side of the mountain that night and led to an opportunity to explain to the scouts later the values of knowing how to tie the Bowline knot!  The stunning campsite was so popular and amply spacious that our crew shared it with two other camping parties.  A full moon that night made for one of the more memorable camping experiences ever experienced by this old-timer! null.


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