2nd Annual Frank McCluskey Friendship Outing

Delaware buddies

The troop’s annual canoe trip down the Delaware River is clearly one of the favorite outings of the year!  Why?  It probably has something to do with the amount of time the scouts spend in the water vs. the amount of time they spend in their canoes & kayaks!  Our floatilla of +50 paddlers this past year had a different experience, as due to the heavy rains preceeding the event, the water levels were unusually high & swift.  A 10 mile trip that normally takes 4–5 hours was completed in about half the time!  Like our annual white-water rafting trip, scouts (and adults!) are encouraged to invite a friend on this campout.  All participants are given the opportunity to learn how to paddle at nearby Interlocken Lake in troop meetings leading up to the event and all must complete BSA swim test and safety afloat training modules.   A big bonfire after dinner on Saturday night at the beautiful Trout Pond campsite at Ten Mile River Scout Reservation, complete with our annual spoof awards, caps an always memorable day of activities.  On Sunday morning, after breaking camp & our Inter-faith Prayer Serivce, special t-shirts were handed out to all participants.   The campout event is named after ASM Frank McCluskey, whom passed away unexpectedly on 4-15-08.  Frank was always the first one to ask if anyone needed any help and was a friend to all.  Lots of great pictures can be found here ==>


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