Centennial Camporee Draws Thousands!

At the end of April, Westchester-Putnam Council celebrated the Centennial by sponsoring a very well-organized and well-attended Camporee at Blue Mountain Park in Peekskill, NY.   The enormously ambitious program, attended by over 55 area Scout Troops, consisted of wall climbing, archery, canoeing, tomahawk-throwing, tribuchet challenge, fly-fishing, geo-cacheing, dodge-ball, Segway obstacle course and several other field activities.   Troop 353 scouts participated in every aspect of this full day event, including the giant tug-of-war on Friday night.  On Saturday, the rock climbing, tomahawk-throwing, Segway obstacle course and giant dodgeball tournament proved to be the more popular of the events.   At night, the scouts assembled for terrific bonfire and a major skit competition and lots of other entertainment, topped with a celebratory cup cake for each person.  The evenings were as magical with as the days with literally thousands of camp lights giving the atmosphere of a massive carnival.  Although the camping space was at a premium, creating some predictable challenges, it was well-organized.  There was even a substantial display of historic Boy Scout badges, books, and other paraphanelia that rivaled a small museum.  All in all, it was an extremely memorable event as these great pictures can attest!


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