Lehigh River Gorge – Home of Exceptional White Water Rafting

One of the favorite trips of our scouts is the annual white water rafting trip in the Lehigh Valley of the Poconos! It is easy to see why too as this trip is pure fun with no real “work” involved and a relaxing 5 hours cruising down the Lehigh River Gorge and engaging in numerous water fights with the many other rafters! The troop attends on the special Dam Release day that helps to create Class III rapids in some sections of the river.  Participants must wear wetsuits & insulated booties and so are oblivious to any rain. To be sure, there is a scouting theme here.  The scouts are expected to “earn” at least 10 hours of scouting community service leading up to this event.  Additionally, the scouts prepare by reiviewing Safety Afloat (1st Class, #9a).  The boys have a newfound appreciation of the importance of following acquatic safety rules the first time they get tossed from the raft (frequently!).  Scouts are also encouraged to invite their friends as well as all other members of their family! Parents tend to appreciate the fact that all family members are invited, creating a fun, in-expensive family memory! As you can see in these pictures, fun was had by all!


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