Sailing – A New Adventure for the Venture Patrol

Troop 353 is blessed to have many friends and adult advisors.  One of the more interesting activities the troop has added for its older boys is that of sailboat training.   There are ample waterways for boating pleasures in our area and the skills needed to sail a boat have many parallels to basic scouting skills:  navigation, weather, mapping/charts, ropes/lines and, more importantly, it requires well-coordinated teamwork!  Sr Committee Advisor, life long sailor, and a former Boy Scout, Mr. Bob Frost recently volunteered to give some of our older scouts a tour of his personal sailing vessel, The Sea Note.  Mr. Frost explained the multiple navigational systems and backup systems, along with a host of practical safety issues.  Though it was too cold to get out on the water that day, the “intro” served to whet the boy’s appetite for more sailing next spring.  The boys quickly realized that there was a lot to learn and were deeply appreciative of Mr. Frost’s generosity, as these pictures clearly indicate!


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