Scenic Catskills: North South Lake & Kaaterskill Falls

Of all the camping destinations our troop has visited in the past several years, none has more varied activities than in North South Lake.  In addition to having dedicated camping trailer sites, there are heated bathroom facilities.  Inside the park, it is an endless playground for outdoor adventurers.  Many families are out on the famous Escarpment Trail with their dogs; unusual rock formations allow for climbing and exploration; one can rent canoes or kayaks for the lake; fishing is allowed; and there is even a playground for young children.

The troop was able to enjoy lunch near the famous Lovers Leap overlook, where reportedly you can see as far away as Massachusetts.  As the first fall campout, scouts got a brief dose of the scope of activities in the park just prior to an afternoon squall–and how quickly a storm can roll in–and how cold it can be in the Catskills.  Many of the scouts had to scramble down from their rock climbing before the storm hit fully.  Fortunately, the rain lasted only a short time and served to keep the temps chilly with the constant wind.  Scouts seemed to enjoy their cooking, as each patrol had a dedicated fireplace on their site.

The next day, scouts got organized with breakfast and cleanup in order to visit the famous Kaaterskill Falls on the way home.  These double-falls combined are reported to be higher than Niagra Falls.  Due to the large amounts of rain in September and October, the full force of the falls was respected greatly.  All scouts agreed, that stopping to visit these massive falls was a “Rose” for this memorable campout.  Check out the breathtaking photos here and you will want to join us next time!


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