Community Service — 19th Annual ECAP Thanksgiving Food Drive 

Participating in Eastchester Community Action Program’s (ECAP Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive is our troop’s signature community service event.  It is one of those family events where often times we see the parents but don’t see the scout on the night of sorting all our food booty at ECAP’s headquarters.  There is a tremendous storage space in the basement that represents ECAP’s food pantry.  Enough food from various corporate and civic donors is often enough to provide throughout the yearend holiday seasons and any excess food is shipped off to other Community Action Programs in Westchester County!

As is tradition, the troop’s adult volunteers seek out local golf pro Dave Stevenson and his very moving presentation about how he has remained committed to helping a small community in Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina — even to this day!  His story is one of hope and inspiration and every time we hear his powerful message, our troop families comes away highly motivated to gather even more food throughout their neighborhood.  Consequently, the troop’s Good Turn efforts tend to generate an above-average level of food and scout participation.  As always, Ms. Charlene Lambrecht (Director of ECAP) is always enormously grateful for our troop’s efforts and this is very obvious from all the smiling faces above and in these wonderful pictures!


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