Hiking With Eagles

During the yearend holidays, the troop arranges a hike with many of its Eagle Scouts that might be home from college, as well as those that have since graduated and still live nearby.  Too, the invitation list is not restricted to Eagle Scouts exclusively–all former scouts and/or their parents are welcome!  And that was the case in 2012 as a few parents participated without their sons!   This short hike is a terrific opportunity for younger scouts to mingle with Eagle Scouts and learn first-hand how & why these boys made it all the way to Eagle Scout (or Life Scout, etc).   The influence of a 22 year old on a 13 year old scout is far greater than any Old Goat!

There are a few hikes in northern Westchester County that are favorites, however, winter trail conditions can preclude certain hikes.  One that is nearly always accessible is Storm King Mountain, just north of West Point in the scenic Hudson Valley.  This year our group of hardy hikers opted for a longer hike, crossing a valley prior to climbing and encircling the cap of Storm King and then returning returning.  Still, we managed to make it to the northern side of the mountain for a brief lunch in the gusty wind.  Down below, parts of the Hudson River were visibly frozen and one could see Banneman’s Castle in the distance.   There are numerous scenic overlooks on this short hike that have helped make this one a Troop 353 Eagle Scout Classic!


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