Hand Over Foot

Troop 353’s rock-climbing program got off to a great start just before the end of the year with an outing at The Rock Club facility in New Rochelle. One group of Scouts began their three-part merit badge work, while another group just hit the impressive range of formations. See the photos at our troop Flickr site.


Camp Read Weather

Morning lineup

Originally uploaded by Troop 353.

With January temps in the 60s and 70s and overnight lows in the 50s, what else comes to mind but the good times at Camp Read in the summer? Here’s a picture from last year to remind everyone in Troop 353 that it’s not too early to start planning for summer camp – a great week for advancement, friendship and fun! Scoutmaster Tom McCandless is hoping to increase the troop’s participation this July. If you need more information, speak with Tom or any of the Scouts who went last year.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Note to Troop 353 Scouts and parents: we have added a permanent “tab” to the top of each page’s navigation – you can always click on the Troop Calendar link to get the most up-to-date schedule for the troop. We are also experimenting with use the web service 30 Boxes to create a more interactive calendar – please let us know what you think! Here’s the link. Finally, we’re going to try and centralize troop photos on a Flickr account, which will also display photos here and help us to manage what we hope will be hundreds of great pics. Here’s the link (only Camp Read pics so far) or you can click on the sidebar links.

Kon Tiki! Be Prepared?

You want us to cook what?

For this year’s Kon Tiki at Clear Lake, Troop 353 learned some valuable lessons.  First of all, we learned that we needed our own vessel to fully participate in the raft race.  Second, we learned that Kon Tikis can be fun multi-faceted events that can yield interesting benefits.  Third, we learned that the weather conditions can change quickly.  What was a beautiful day on Saturday, turned out to be a very wet Sunday morning!  Troop 353 made the most of it and managed to prepare some good grub and, as always, enjoyed telling scary stories around the campfire (yes, amidst a light rain!).  Next year (2007), troop 353 is determined to have its own Kon Tiki raft!  For more photos of the interesting weekend, click Kon Tiki Pics here!

4 Great Days at Camp Read

 Ice Cream!

Although the Scoutmaster only was able to spend 1/2 week at Camp Read, it was so busy it felt like 7 days were crammed into 4!  Lots of fun scouting activities, including rock climbing, zip line; swimming, archery, scoutcraft, early morning swims, and making ice cream, convinced everyone that next year (2007) everyone would spend a week at Camp Read and get the full enjoyable impact!  Great photos can be found here!

Scouts Enjoy Wet Weekend at Clear Lake

 Scouts Enjoy Wet Weekend at Clear Lake

It was April and it was raining–but that did not matter as the leaders of Troop 353 have a habit of saying there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!   Scouts kept a very busy schedule, earning Totin’ Chip, taking a short Orienteering hike (in the rain), and cooking some great meals on an open fire, a gas stove and the oven inside Nardone Cabin.  Fortunately, it stopped raining long enough for the boys to enjoy a small bonfire and some magic fire dust, courtesy of ASM, Mike D.   And of course, most scouts took time to do some whittling.  Everyone agreed, it was a fun weekend–despite the rain!  For more great pictures, click Nardone Cabin!”>