Community Service – Thanksgiving Food Drive 

For 18 consecutive years Eastchester Troop 353 has participated in a community-wide food drive to restock the local pantry shelves of the Eastchester Community Action Program (ECAP). The troop’s food drive efforts are inspired by such local heros (and former Boy Scout) Dave Stevenson, the Golf Pro at Lake Isle, that annually raises money for and delivers service time to Hurricane Katrina victims in Mississippi. Delivering community service is one of the central tenets of the Boy Scouting program.

Troop 353 is particularly proud of its 18 year tradition of contributing directly to its local community. Our troop’s efforts to collect well over 200 grocery bags throughout our neighborhood, along with other corporate donors, has a truly long-lasting impact, as ECAP is one of the few 16 local WestCOP offices to supply both its local and surrounding communities with a well-stocked food bank. The food contributed during the Thanksgiving food drive, according to Charlene Lambrecht, the ECAP program director, was enough to last through the yearend holidays.

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